lol, no. people get jealous because they’re insecure.

omg Zayn….. i’ve recently developed a huge crush on him. idk why. but omg so hot.

Anonymous asked:
What will you think if Austin starts hitting Vanessa?

Why would you even suggest that? Any guy who hits his girlfriend is a tool and a douchebag. But obviously he isn’t that type of guy otherwise Vanessa wouldn’t be with him.

Anonymous asked:
how do you know they're happy and in love? you too know nothing. you're ASSUMING they are because of pictures. just like some people are ASSUMING she's paying for him because of that video. this goes both ways.

….how can you NOT see they are happy and in love through the pictures? the way she smiles when she’s around him. last time i saw that smile was when she was with Zac. so no, I’m not assuming. I’m going off how they both smile and stay close together.